Goal-Setting in the 21st Century

I am working with many clients these days on goal-setting. That, by itself, is not a big switch. We still focus on SMART Goals.  We focus on setting process goals that are within one’s control.

The switch is that we’re using a really cool tool called “Goalscape.”  You can see it pictured below.  With Goalscape, we’re able to prioritize how important a goal is, divide it into subgoals, and quantify progress with those subgoals (by shading in that piece of the pie).  You can use a free account (I suggest using it to collaborate with me!), or you can purchase a subscription for yourself.  I get a small cut when people obtain the software through me, so I encourage you to use my link!


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About the Author:

Tim holds Masters degrees in both counseling/sport psychology and in clinical psychology, and a Doctorate in counseling psychology. He has worked with high performers at several universities (including the US Naval Academy), an elite sports camp (IMG Academies), and with US Army personnel (Center for Enhanced Performance at Fort Lewis). Tim gives workshops for sport psychology practitioners, coaches, and athletes for many organizations including the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, the Performing Arts Medicine Association, USA Gymnastics, and US Sailing.


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