Organizer of Coaching Workshop 

“I just wanted to tell you thank you thank you thank you for your presentation. It was fabulous absolutely fabulous, and it’s you know a lifelong stuff you were talking about in there so thank you thank you… you were spot on you deliver so beautifully but I know this isn’t your first rodeo this is what you do and why you do it well…. so I just called to thank you that was fantastic! Alright well thank you so much and we’ll talk soon I guess we’ll see you next year.” (Voicemail)

College Athletic Director

Wednesdays with Tim at the Athletic and Fitness Center at [our college] was a great way for Tim to interact with our student athletes and coaches to meet all their diverse needs. Tim’s knowledge, insight into the psyche of the mind of the athlete and coach, along with his presentations were vital to the successes of our athletic programs. Tim was a great asset to our College, and to our athletic department.

College Associate Athletic Director

Thank you for facilitating the workshop last weekend. I wanted to let you know that because of the session it really opened the eyes of two of the athletes I brought. They realized that one of their teammates was really suffering. We have been working since our session to get her the help she needs.

College Athletic Trainer

Tim was a tremendous help to the athletic training program at [our college].  Athletic related injuries affect both the physical and mental state of the athlete, and Tim was able to help our student-athletes understand this process and overcome these challenges.  He is a consummate educator, always taking the time to help us learn and understand the mental and emotional needs of our student-athletes.  I really appreciated his support and know he will be a valuable resource to his clients and any athletic department in the future.

Clinical Supervisor (College Counseling Center) from Tim’s Training

As a clinician, one of Tim’s strengths is his ability to quickly build rapport with people. His easy-going manner helps clients to quickly connect with him, which aids in the therapeutic process. Tim always received positive evaluations from his clients, and his clients repeatedly returned to see him…Tim’s knowledge of theory/conceptualization is also an area of strength for him, and he consistently attempted to apply this knowledge to better understand and help his clients.

Nordic Skier’s Parent

You have helped our daughter so much over the past year. We have seen the growth and watched her apply your strategies to her thought processes about training, competition and racing. This has resulted in a more confident and overall happy person, daughter, sister, student and athlete. Thank you for being just what she needed and for having the training and understanding that is unique to what athletes can need.

Taekwondo Workshop Attendee

I just wanted to thank you for the great workshop you gave [us at the Taekwando Dojang]. I really enjoyed it and am actually putting some of the principles to work in my own life. I think it was amazing how you were able to keep the attention of everyone, as the crowd had an age span of like 50 years. I was specially taken with the energy management, and have started putting a 20 minute down time in my afternoon and really noticed the difference.

Head Sailing Coach

Tim’s work with [our university] Sailing Team was helpful to the entire group and to individuals who sought out his services. Workshops and training on topics such as Imagery and Communication facilitated team and individual development. In fact, during the Spring season, [our] Women’s team dominated their qualifying event for Women’s Nationals.

Women’s Soccer Coach

Tim was a wonderful resource for both individual and team workshops. There are a variety of adverse situations that a women’s college soccer program goes through and I felt that I had to use Tim on numerous situations to help my program get through the ones we faced. He did a great job to bring the team together in the very beginning, but also enabled my girls to get through their own trials throughout the season. He is greatly missed here at [our college], and I still use some of his techniques today to bring a team together.

Equestrian Coach

They [Pony Club kids] were all talking about your concepts in their lessons on Sunday morning! Some of the girls were even discussing how to incorporate what you taught them into their school work.

Equestrian Athletes Mother

I would just like to thank you on behalf of the [our] Pony Club for giving us your time and experience in order for us to better accomplish our goals and enjoy our sport.

Clinical Supervisor (Trauma Center) from Tim’s Training

He (Tim) used theoretical knowledge from several different clinical approaches and was willing to use a variety of clinical strategies in the work.

Elite Junior Sailor

Your mind is in the fog… breathing makes it clear. It helps you focus on the immediate/important tasks, and lets superfluous thoughts go. It’s been life-changing, almost, in my sailing. Breathing -it’s like laser focus- it gets rid of all the clutter.

Sailing Parent

…while at the Regatta, another kid from our region was crying, nervous and upset with the results. My son tried to counsel him and cheer him up. When walking back to me, he tells me he should talk to Tim!!! With the biggest of smiles. I could not stop smiling in the way he said it.