Psychophysiological Profile and Training

We can also approach learning your physiological patterns (strengths and growth areas) in a very systematic manner. Using a similar protocol to what has been used with many Canadian Olympians, we can determine your “psychophysiological profile.” A psychophysiological profile illuminates where you tend be (physiologically) at baseline, how you tend to be most affected and least affected during a stressor (e.g., heart rate versus muscle tension), and what your tendencies are during recovery. The profile allows us to develop strategies specific to you, for improved self-regulation. We can do a short version and dive straight into training, or do a longer version, whereby we gather more data for a fuller picture before moving forward. Subsequent training can be done in conjunction with psychotherapy/counseling, as part of mental performance coaching, or on its own. There is great variability in how long it takes to train someone. Usually, some learning can often occur in just a few sessions, and more optimally over the span of at least 8 sessions.

Longer Psychophys Profile

Shortened Psychophys Profile