Group mentorship toward CMPC Certification and/or general professional development for mental performance consultants.
Professional isolation, particularly in smaller communities and in relation to a specialty practice domain, presents real challenges to the ethical practitioner (Wood, at al., 2005).  Mental performance coaches need mentorship, not just to check a box for achieving certification, but also for:
  • Identifying goals and action plans for advancing professionally
  • Obtaining mentorship hours toward certification in a manner that is both enjoyable and more cost-effective
  • Developing or honing your own theory of optimal performance
  • Engaging personal and professional growth
  • Feeling grounded while growing
  • Addressing practical aspects of delivering mental performance consulting in varied settings/situations
  • Understanding complex cases, and how to navigate conceptualization and intervention ethically and pragmatically
  • Connecting with a group of trusted peers with a facilitator to ensure productive dialogue
I’ve been mentoring practitioners ranging in experience from rookies to well-established, for several years as they seek CMPC and/or BCIA (biofeedback) Certification, or sometimes when they simply want a seasoned professional to consult with.  Several folks have asked if I offer group mentorship (AASP allows up to 10 group mentorship hours to count toward certification).  In 2023-2024, I am going to assemble a group, likely beginning in October, and meeting virtually 10 times through the course of the next year (time will be selected using a Doodle poll).  You can find my bio here.  Notables include that I’m an AASP Fellow and have served on the ethics committee for over a decade.  I have been in private practice for over 15 years, am licensed in multiple states, have been CMPC since 2008, frequently lead continuing education workshops, and have worked in a variety of performance-oriented settings including universities, IMG Academies, and Military (ACEP and CHAMP).  Part of my philosophy is that I don’t pretend to have all the right answers, but I’m certainly good at asking the right questions, and facilitating good dialogue.
If we can assemble a good group of 5-9 people (recent graduates from masters or doctoral programs, and more seasoned providers, including both licensed and unlicensed practitioners), who will meet monthly (virtually) for 10 months, I will move this forward.  Fee will be $600 for all 10 meetings.
If interested, please complete this contact form (asking any questions you might have in the process).  And please share with friends!
Look forward to connecting 🙂 Tim