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Drilling Down to the Core of Anxiety

A wonderful definition of anxiety is “an overestimation of threat plus an underestimation of ability to cope.” Where does an overestimation of threat come from? Often times, ambiguity can take on a life of its own. There is a fear that something catastrophic may happen, but that catastrophic event is really an unknown. Keeping that “catastrophic event” in the unconscious maintains the anxiety and can allow it to fester.
A perfect metaphor to understand this phenomenon is “the monster in the closet.” Many of us can remember times as children (or […]

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Spring [Ethical] Cleaning For Your Practice

When Spring comes along, it is typical for many of us to engage in “Spring cleaning;” packing away winter clothes, vacuuming, airing out the house, etc. But in your practice, do you also engage in Spring cleaning? It is a wonderful chance to enhance your own performance as a consultant and to become more ethical. More ethical? Yes, you may think you developed your views in grad school and that you’re done learning “that ethical stuff,” but remaining ethical or becoming more ethical requires ongoing (and honest) self-appraisal. If you […]

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Cope using mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you feel better equipped to handle difficult emotions. It’s a process geared to help you tune in to emotional experiences rather than try to escape from them. It’s easy to be overcome by depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, or other mental health problems. And you can make it worse by trying to forget the cause. For example, a service member afflicted with PTSD desperately wants to avoid experiencing certain traumatic events. Ironically, the actual effort to forget can cause him to relive difficult events through dreams, flashbacks, or […]

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Habits of Excellence: Work, Fun, or Both?

Wade seemed to be having a rough day.  This kid normally dominated our Opti practices, winning the favored end with ease, exhibiting almost flawless boathandling, and sailing clean.  But today he was starting late, sometimes from the unfavored end, and he was spinning for hitting marks.  And yet he had a smile on his face as he overcame a string of bad choices.  I (Juan) figured the smile must be fake; I asked him if something was wrong.  “Not at all!” he said.  Wade explained that he was working on […]

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