Mental Performance/Mental Health Workshops

*Available to all sport, performer, and corporate teams & groups (high school age and above)

It’s well-known that everyone has a unique sporting or work experience. One common factor, however, has been the major wrench Covid-19 has thrown into every school, team, organization, and business’s plans. Whether it’s coping with the loss of your season, adjusting to new routines, anxiety over returning to sport, or changes in their mental health, coaches, athletes, employees, leadership, and more have had, and will have, a lot on their mind when it comes to their sport and work experiences.


This is where we come into play!


I offer workshops to introduce mental performance training as a key performance enhancement technique for sport teams, school wide athletics departments, performer groups, and corporate teams. In addition, I offer education and important reminders on addressing mental health concerns within these groups.




Testimonial from the organizer of a Coaching Workshop Dr. Herzog hosted: 

“I just wanted to tell you thank you thank you thank you for your presentation. It was fabulous absolutely fabulous, and it’s you know a lifelong stuff you were talking about in there so thank you thank you… you were spot on you deliver so beautifully but I know this isn’t your first rodeo this is what you do and why you do it well…. so I just called to thank you that was fantastic! Alright well thank you so much and we’ll talk soon I guess we’ll see you next year.” (Voicemail)



Lead by Dr. Tim Herzog, each workshop can feature:


A thorough explanation of the benefits of mental performance training

Information about the signs of declining mental health, how to seek appropriate services, and how coaches/administrators/trainers, etc., can make appropriate referrals

An introduction to the Reaching Ahead Model of Mental Performance

Interactive, hands-on education and activities related to one mental skill

(i.e. motivation, mental imagery, goal-setting, etc.)


So… how does this work?


Each workshop lasts 60-90 minutes and is customized to the unique needs and environment of each group. While one group may choose to focus on mental performance training only, another group may want to combine mental performance and mental health for a well-rounded workshop experience. Workshops can be hosted virtually via Zoom/Google Meet and can also be held in-person in the greater Annapolis/Baltimore/DC area (per state and school guidelines for covid-19 precautions). Virtual sessions can be held for groups nationwide!



This sounds great! How do I sign up?


Coaches, Athletic Directors, Club Directors, Leadership, and more: For scheduling, price, and to go over logistics of your group’s tailored workshop, please reach out to us at Or, feel free to submit a contact form found here, and we will set up a free consultation! Feel free to email us with any questions or to learn more about this offering.


Allow us to help you and your group feel and perform their best!