Because I receive inquiries fairly regularly, and I have no administrative assistant, I have decided to streamline the process a bit.

Chats:  If you’re a prospective client, we should chat to explore whether or not I’m a good fit.  Please use this link to create a client profile for yourself.  It is HIPAA safe, and I will ultimately delete your profile if you don’t actually become a client.  Be sure to complete the biographical info section and enter your insurance info if you might want me to assist with getting you reimbursed directly (I don’t take insurance).  At the end of the biographical section, you will be asked if you are seeking psychotherapy/counseling or mental performance coaching.  You can always change your mind later, but my simplest differentation is to say, “Psychotherapy/counseling has the goal of improving your mental health, and performance may improve as a bi-product.  On the other hand, mental performance coaching has the goal of improving performance, and mental health may improve as a bi-product.”  I will note that it is important to me that you don’t neglect mental health in working to improve performance.  I will also note that health insurance is not interested in funding mental performance coaching.  To schedule a time for us to chat (20-30 min) by phone or video-conference, you can access my calendar after you complete your profile.  You can also email me here if need be, if I don’t send you an email first.

Intakes:  After you set up a profile, you will automatically be emailed a pdf of forms that explain everything including the fee structure (be sure to check your junk mail if this doesn’t appear right away).  You do not necessarily need to complete them before our initial chat, but you should definitely get them to me before our intake interview (a 90 minute meeting).  Usually when working with kids, I will have one or both parents present for the 1st half of this first official meeting, but subsequent meetings will usually be with the client (in this case, your child), unless there are unusual circumstances (e.g., facilitating commuication for a couple or family on a particular topic).

Scheduling:  Again, you can schedule directly via my calendar, or we can schedule by email or phone.  With scheduling changes, I ask clients to give me 24 hours notice on any changes, especially after our intake session.  I also ask that we nail down any schedule changes either in the calendar or via email communication, to avoid any scheduling snafus.

Reach out with any questions!  Email via this link or use the form below: