Goal-Setting in the 21st Century

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I am working with many clients these days on goal-setting. That, by itself, is not a big switch. We still focus on SMART Goals.  We focus on setting process goals that are within one's control. The switch is that we're using a really cool tool called "Goalscape."  You can see it pictured below.  With Goalscape, we're able to prioritize [...]

TV Show “Shrinking” Meets Mental Performance Consulting: Perspectives from the Ethics Committee

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Tim Herzog Seth Rose Carla Carter Tim Herzog, EdD, CMPC, Reaching Ahead Counseling and Mental Performance Seth Rose, PhD, CMPC, KBR Inc. Carla Carter, EdD, CMPC, The Cognitive ClinicSpoiler alert! This article will dissect several scenarios from the AppleTV+ show Shrinking looking at the lovable (but challenged) character Jimmy. Snippets from eight different episodes will be shared; with each snippet, [...]

Who am I outside of sports?

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Adolescence into young adulthood is a period of questioning, including “who do I want to be?” and “who am I?” During this time, between pre-teen and young adulthood, life is riddled with decisions regarding paths and roles. Young people may find themselves identifying as a ”kid,” a “student,” and/or as a “friend” during this time. Some pursue sports, music, [...]

Sport Retirement: What happens when the game’s over? 

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Like it or not, all sport careers eventually end. Age, injury, family decisions, or other factors will determine how your competitive athletic career will end or be adapted. Like many athletes, especially elites, you may feel that the transition is abrupt. Your life and identity may revolve around sport. Your loss may cause emotional, financial, or personal challenges that [...]

Managing Evolving Covid Related Stress in Athletics (MATA 2021)

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Maryland Athletic Trainer's Association Symposium 2021   "Managing Evolving Covid Related Stress in Athletics" Presented by: Dr. Tim Herzog   Dr. Herzog had the opportunity to speak to the Maryland Athletic Trainer's Association at their annual symposium. He spoke about the ever evolving nature of stress related to the Covid pandemic in the sporting world, and how this has [...]

Anxiety and Sport

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Exercise can help modulate stress and anxiety but being an athlete does not necessarily prevent mental health concerns. Anxiety Disorders are some of the most common mental health concerns for elite athletes. Specifically, student-athletes have additional stressors such as staying on top of classwork and grades. Luckily in recent years, elite level athletes have been open about seeking treatment. [...]

Anxiety and COVID-19

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Within this past year there have been many triggers for fears, worries, and/or intrusive thoughts. Uncertainty about the future, missed opportunities, worries about family members, and social isolation can all lead to feelings of anxiety. During a June 2020 survey the CDC reported that 40.9% of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition, including symptoms [...]

Being Benched can Help Me Play BETTER?!

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You weren’t playing your finest (or maybe you were!), and now….you’ve been benched. Is it the end of the world?  It can sure feel like it (but it’s not). Is it permanent?  Nope, but again… it can sure feel that way. Consider some different perspectives and associated tips to turn bench time into your secret weapon on the court. [...]

Anxiety is No Joke

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Anxiety disorders (there are several kinds) are some of the most common mental health concerns. Anxiety or feelings of anxiousness are normal in day-to-day life, maybe you feel anxious when having a difficult conversation, making decisions, or taking a test, however, anxiety disorders are much more than worry or fear. Anxiety disorders can disrupt daily work, school, sports, and [...]

USOPC Expands Support of Mental Health!

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Excerpt from 5/3/2021 USOPC Press Release The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee today joins the movement to promote Mental Health Awareness Month by announcing the launch of an online registry of mental health providers and unveiling an around-the-clock mental health support line for Team USA athletes. These resources are the latest developments in the USOPC’s ongoing commitment to [...]

Are Sport Injuries Contagious?

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How does one athlete’s injury and fear of re-injury affect teammates? In sports like acrobatic gymnastics, group members rely on each other to perform each skill in their routine, and to perform them safely. Season-ending and other traumatic injuries can potentially affect everyone, both psychologically and in terms of performance. Naturally, observing it can lead to unintentionally rehearsing (mentally) [...]

Smoke and Mirrors: Tips for female athletes seeing body image more clearly

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While the benefits of sport participation (academic success, physical fitness, learning critical life skills, etc.) often lend to overall mental and physical well-being, it’s important to recognize some of the struggles athletes experience when living, performing, and competing under heightened expectations from themselves or others. Body image is one concept that tends to have a more negative connotation in [...]

Mental Health in Youth Sports- A brief interview

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Recently, Dr. Herzog was interviewed on the status of addressing mental health in youth sports and how it impacts both their performance and overall wellbeing. We thought it was prudent to share his responses with our community!  What do you think is the biggest impact that mental health issues in youth sports has on the future of the athletes? [...]

Simple & Effective Practices for Performance Enhancement

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Below are some of the mental skills practices that we regularly train for resilience and performance. They can be used in isolation or integrated as you hone the skills! Paced Breathing There is much research that supports the impact our breath has on our ability to perform. Practicing paced breathing regularly (per the guidance of a biofeedback expert such [...]

Coping with Holiday Stress

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Pandemic or not, holidays can be stressful. Traveling gets chaotic; even being at home with a smaller segment of your family during a pandemic can feel chaotic! Family members can love each other dearly AND know exactly how to push each other’s buttons. Gift giving and receiving can be fraught with hopes and expectations (and gifts can be expensive [...]

What is Biofeedback?

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Mind-body interaction (“psychophysiology”) is spectacular. We think something, whether in conscious awareness or not, and our body has physiological reactions…  this happens repeatedly every second of the day. Thoughts contribute to being regulated (e.g., mentally calm, with appropriate levels of physical alertness) or dysregulated (e.g., rapid thoughts or going blank, with inappropriate levels of physical alertness). In working with [...]