Anxiety disorders (there are several kinds) are some of the most common mental health concerns. Anxiety or feelings of anxiousness are normal in day-to-day life, maybe you feel anxious when having a difficult conversation, making decisions, or taking a test, however, anxiety disorders are much more than worry or fear. Anxiety disorders can disrupt daily work, school, sports, and even relationships.

Anxiety involves feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes. Those with anxiety disorders may have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. Anxiety is a reaction to a perceived threat which activates our “fight or flight” system. Unfortunately, those with anxiety disorders are often in a consistent state of fight or flight which left untreated – can contribute to other medical issues.

These disorders are most often treated with psychotherapy, and medication can sometimes be helpful. Research shows that psychotherapy is generally more helpful than medication and that combining medication with therapy does not significantly improve psychotherapy outcomes.