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Before watching this material, check out a testimonial we received from one of the organizers of a coaching workshop Dr. Herzog hosted:

“I just wanted to tell you thank you thank you thank you for your presentation. It was fabulous absolutely fabulous, and it’s you know a lifelong stuff you were talking about in there so thank you thank you… you were spot on you deliver so beautifully but I know this isn’t your first rodeo this is what you do and why you do it well…. so I just called to thank you that was fantastic! Alright well thank you so much and we’ll talk soon I guess we’ll see you next year.” (Voicemail)

Athletes & Mental Health During Covid-19: Leadership Panel Series, US Lacrosse, 6/9/2020

Mental Health & Performance w/ Dr. Tim Herzog: US Sailing Starboard Portal, 3/31/2020


Optimizing Sleep and Self-Paced Mental Training for Sailing with Tim Herzog: US Sailing Starboard Portal, 4/29/2020


Brief Interview with Dr. Herzog: Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) Coaches Colloquium, Jan. 2020


Opti TV Presents:  Dr. Tim Herzog, Reaching Ahead Mental Performance Training, August 29, 2020

Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association Young Professionals Committee (MAATA_ypc): Mental Health Q&A with Dr. Herzog, June 22, 2020