Dual Certification Mentorship Program for CMPC & Biofeedback (Neurofeedback, General, or HRV)

With Mentors Tim Herzog, EdD, LCP, CMPC, BCB, Jessica Eure, MEd, LPC, BCN, and Inna Khazan, PhD, BCB

Complete your mentorship hours for AASP and BCIA at the same time! Don’t just get your hours… get the training you need to deliver exceptional mental performance consulting and biofeedback with competence and confidence! This gold-standard performance-oriented mentorship program:

         Meets all mentorship requirements for both certifications

         Provides direct access to highly experienced mentors

         Facilitates dialogue among a group of selected colleagues

This is not just about checking the boxes. This program, for aspiring professionals who are completing or have already completed their AASP and BCIA didactics, provides more mentoring for less money than any other option.


This 118-hour program spanning 18 months provides all group and individual hours requirements for both certifications, while providing the members with the opportunity to network and learn for colleagues as well as from two experienced mentors.

Want more information?  Check out the video of our information session from 8/28, with all 3 mentors, plus questions answered by Judy Crawford (BCIA) and Robin Vealey (AASP).

Individual mentoring is often $165/hour or more whereas this program will provide top-quality engaging mentorship hours for less than $75/hour AND results in the completion of all hours needed for both AASP and BCIA certification!

ALSO… APA CEs will be available to participants (40 total, over a two-year period) for an added cost of only $40!  Special thanks to Dr. Len Zaichowsky for co-sponsoring this offering.

Want to learn more?  Contact Tim Herzog today, labeling your inquiry, “Dual Mentorship.”

Ready to apply?  Click on this application link!

Start date dependent on 6 participants / group.  Spread the word! Recruit your colleagues!