Dr. Tim Herzog is a Certified Consultant with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and is listed with the USOC Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry.

mental performance

He offers customizable mental performance training to both individuals and groups/teams.

Tim has worked with Military on optimal performance, both as a Senior Performance for Army Center for Enhanced Performance and as the Mind-Body Senior Scientist for the Consortium for Health and Military Performance.

Tim can help with restoring performance that is suffering, enhancing performance to new heights. His work is grounded in the best research available, including his Reaching Ahead Mental Performance model of excellence.

It’s paramount to become aware of what you can control, influence, and what you must accept. Tim works with athletes and other performers to develop the following skills: Knowing your Values, Goal-Setting, Understanding Motivation, Self-Talk Habits, Mental Imagery, Mindful Attention, Energy Management, Anxiety Reduction, Channeling Emotions, Self-Attunement, Anxiety Tolerance, and Communication.

Interested in learning about individual mental performance training or workshop(s)? Intro workshops are available at negotiable rates if you think it’s likely we will do more work together. Complete the form below to get started, or email Tim to set up a time for a brief chat! tim@reachingahead.com.