Group Starts online on Tuesday/Wednesday (June 30th/July 1st), 2020 @ 7pm

(A virtual group for athletes and other peak performers, feeling the brunt of missed opportunities, milestones, or achievements)


For driven kids and young adults, the current COVID-19 crisis has been hard, between abrupt endings, uncertainty about the future, strained relationships, and more. It is important to give voice to the feelings that surround these experiences (along with surprisingly positive experiences), as we navigate evolving “new normals” during a really abnormal time. Mental Performance skills can be to cope with unusual situations, and can be used in competition, test-taking, and other kinds of performance. The Coping High Achievers (CHA) therapy groups, based on the Reaching Ahead Mental Performance (RAMP) model, are for high school and college students who are driven to succeed in whatever domain(s).

In line with the RAMP model, we will collectively identify what, in the achiever’s world, can currently be controlled (specific behaviors) or influenced (thought processes and body experiences), and what must be accepted (current emotions).  The group will aim to become more mindful of those emotional experiences, create a safe (virtual) environment to explore those feelings, and support each other along the way. Facilitators will put some emphasis on learning or honing of RAMP skills while prioritizing processes of healing over achievement. For some, it may feel like this time is the first time that they’ve ever stopped “spinning on the hamster wheel,” while others may feel hungry to get back to work; facilitators will make room for gaining clarity plus mindful experience and expression of multiple vantage points and emotions.




Group #1: High School (about 13-17 years-old)

Group #2:  College (about 18-23 years-old) 

Length of time:  

High School:  Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm for 6 weeks (6/30-8/4); 1.5 hours each session

College:  Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm for 6 weeks (7/1-8/5); 1.5 hours each session


Cost: $450 ($75/session after a free screening process)*

*reduced to $420 if paid in advance.

Pre-requisite: 30 minute free video-conference screening with group facilitators to make sure the group is a good fit for you and vice-versa).


Format: 6-8 participants per group; to promote group cohesion participants are asked to miss no more than 1 of the 6 sessions.


To register or inquire: Contact group facilitator Dr. Tim Herzog and/or Dr. VJ Iannone by email to ask any initial questions and to arrange a time to speak with group facilitators about fit.  Please label the subject of your email “CHA Inquiry” and be sure to list several times that you would be available for a 30 minute phone call or video-conference.  Dr. Tim Herzog and Dr. VJ Iannone are co-leading both groups.  Learn more about Dr. Tim here, and Dr. I here.









Q:  What is the group addressing?

A:  COVID-19 has resulted in many people missing out on important milestones, extraordinary ordinary experiences, and more.  For athletes, these experiences revolve (in part) around sports.  This therapeutic group is designed to help people process what they are missing, the wonderful surprises along the way, the not-so-wonderful parts of uncertainty, and anything else associated with these difficult transitions.


Q:  Who are the groups for?

A:  High school and college athletes and other achievement-oriented performers (in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Montana) who are missing out.  After we get to know all of the candidates, we will likely form two separate groups of similar age (high schoolers and college students).  Groups will likely be a mix of males and females.  Note: the group could compliment individual therapy but would not substitute for individual work.



Q:  What is the cost?

A:  $450 for all 6 sessions ($75 will be charged to your card on file, after each session, or you can provide a check in advance)

*reduced to $420 if paid in advance.


Q:  When does it start?  How often?  And how long?  

A:  Beginning June 10; Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm for 6 weeks; 1.5 hours each session


Q:  Will insurance pay for this?

A:  We are not accepting insurance. If you are hoping for reimbursement, you can provide insurance information as part of the registration process, we can attempt direct submission of paperwork to insurance, after each session for you, so that you will hopefully be reimbursed. However, we take no responsibility if your insurance doesn’t cover the service of if there are other snags with your reimbursement attempts.  We can also provide you with statements so that you can pursue reimbursement directly.


Q:  What technical requirements?

A:  You need a fully charged computer or other device with working webcam and microphone.  We will be using GoToMeeting as our video-conference platform (it is user friendly) and we would welcome a technology check in advance.


Q:  Is this confidential?

A:  Yes!  The ground rules will be discussed in the first meeting, including confidentiality, and it will be important for the sake of trust that group members do not discuss anyone else’s names or what they disclosed during group.


Q:  Can I record the online group?

A:  Absolutely not.  See above.


Q:  Do I need privacy?

A:  Yes, you will want to engage in this group in a room or place (even the car!) where you can feel like you have private space, but where you also have good wifi connectivity. Good headphones can also be helpful toward this aim.


Q:  How do I sign up or learn more?

A:  Contact group facilitator Dr. Tim Herzog (Dr. Tim) and/or Dr. VJ Iannone (Dr. I) by email to ask any initial questions and to arrange a time to speak with group facilitators about fit.  Please label the subject of your email “CHA Inquiry” and be sure to list several times that you would be available for a 30 minute phone call or video-conference.