Facebook and our Changing Social World

I’m sure we’ve all been struck, in some form or another, by how much social media (particularly Facebook), is changing our social world.  Two observations (positive and negative) regarding these changes have struck me in particular. Facebook recently reminded me of a book I read several years ago called, “Mutant Message Down Under,” by Marlo Morgan.  One of many [...]

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Boundaries with Those You Love (or put up with…)

         Setting good boundaries with those you love (or put up with) can sometimes be challenging. People often hit snags because they really care about the other person, and/or they really care what the other person thinks of them. It can help to picture a boundary literally be drawn between the two of you… a divider [...]

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Assertiveness is Not Just Being Direct

Ever try being assertive, but feel like you’re ineffectively going in circles?  Some struggle with being more assertive because what they believe is assertiveness is accompanied with guilt.  And so they avoid being assertive until they “just can’t take it any more.”  The pressure cooker releases and the argument with their (spouse, friend, mother, father, boss, whatever) is ugly.  Sometimes they [...]

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To communicate, don’t triangulate!

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably engaged in “triangulation,” and not just as a kid when you ran to Mom because Dad just said “no” (or vice versa). Similar triangles can also happen with leadership or any work group, committee, or organization (including military) where two people talk about a third. On the surface, triangulation can look [...]

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Cultivate your motivation

Think of a goal that you’ve been working for lately or that you’re about to go after. How about all those New Year’s resolutions? Do you know why you want it? In other words, what’s your motivation? Do you simply love what you’re doing, or is there a reward you are pursuing? Being clear about what motivates you can [...]

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Get SMART about setting goals

Goal setting can be a useful tool in many arenas. Experts say that 90% of the time, setting specific and challenging goals leads to better performance than “do your best” goals or none at all. Goals can direct attention, mobilize effort, increase persistence, and help you form good strategies. Famous sports figures such as Olympian Michael Phelps have achieved [...]

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Steer my mind to perform?

Steer my mind to perform? Some peak performers try to take charge of their thoughts while others work on accepting them. Both approaches seem to make sense even though they are different. Learn about these two approaches and start developing your own mixture of strategies, capitalizing on positive thoughts to perform your best, either shifting away from or simply [...]

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Anxious or excited?

When performance matters, it’s common to feel amped up—your heart beats faster, for example. How you interpret these physical sensations can change how you feel emotionally, including your overall mindset, and ultimately make a difference in how you perform. Recent research into performance anxiety over tasks such as singing, public speaking, and math gives us some insights about performance [...]

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PFD: Prevent, face, and de-stress with anxiety

Anxiety can help motivate you to perform better, but too much can become overwhelming and get in the way of living life to the fullest. When ignored or avoided, anxiety can actually become more intense rather than less. To keep anxiety under control, we have three letters for you: PFD. We aren’t talking about a Personal Flotation Device; we’re [...]

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Face fears and imagine success

Fear of failure can prevent you from performing your best in many situations including combat, work, relationships, and daily life. Worry can take a bigger hold when you push it aside. For instance, while preparing to give a presentation and thinking, “I can’t be nervous,” you might actually feel more nervous! As you face your fears, understand that fearing [...]

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Managing Stress: Think, Imagine, Breathe

Because stress often manifests itself mentally, emotionally, or in the body, these are three paths I often take in helping people with stress management. There is no one "right" way. The trick is to figure out what works for you and do it consistently (and sometimes be flexible enough to use other approaches too). If you try to only [...]

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Drilling Down to the Core of Anxiety

A wonderful definition of anxiety is "an overestimation of threat plus an underestimation of ability to cope." Where does an overestimation of threat come from? Often times, ambiguity can take on a life of its own. There is a fear that something catastrophic may happen, but that catastrophic event is really an unknown. Keeping that "catastrophic event" in the [...]

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