When I moved my practice in with PEAK, I knew we’d have some folks who’d see me after working out and/or meeting with PT’s, but I never predicted a recent trend…  Some of the parents of my adolescent clients have started working out with Ruthie and other PEAK trainers.  Or they manage to take advantage of the opportunity to work with the slew of other professionals we now have working with us in our newer facility.  I think some reasons why Ruthie O’Hehir is popular as a trainer are her emphasis/knowledge with nutrition, plus her expertise in yoga.  It sure seems to beat waiting around for one’s kid, to be working with Ruthie or others in our facility!  Similarly, sometimes when I work with adults, their teenage kids are working out with trainers like Brian or Tommy downstairs.  No matter what one’s needs are, we seem to have people around whom are a good fit!