Q. How do I register?

A. Usually folks check in with Tim first by phone first, to make sure he is a good fit, sharing the gist of what you want to work on, and asking any questions including financial ones. Then, you can complete registration information online, including biographical information and (if you’re registering for therapy, not coaching) insurance information. Once registered, you should receive an automated email with Tim’s forms. If you’re doing therapy, the first part of the pdf applies to you, and you can print/sign p.8-9 to bring to the first meeting. If you’re signing on for coaching, the second part applies and you can print/sign p.21-22. People usually set the first appointment time with Tim by phone or email, but then your login can be used again in the future to see the calendar and to schedule directly.

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About the Author:

Tim holds Masters degrees in both counseling/sport psychology and in clinical psychology, and a Doctorate in counseling psychology. He has worked with high performers at several universities (including the US Naval Academy), an elite sports camp (IMG Academies), and with US Army personnel (Center for Enhanced Performance at Fort Lewis). Tim gives workshops for sport psychology practitioners, coaches, and athletes for many organizations including the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, the Performing Arts Medicine Association, USA Gymnastics, and US Sailing.

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