A. Insurance only applies when we are talking about psychotherapy/counseling, and not for mental performance coaching. And, if work with Tim is primarily biofeedback, insurance likely won’t cover that either. If you want to use insurance, keep in mind, that Tim is an out-of-network provider, meaning that he does not directly take insurance. However, he’ll make it a little easier for you by submitting claims directly to your insurance for you (after you pay Reaching Ahead directly). If you call your insurance company to ask them about reimbursement rates, you can tell them that Dr. Tim Herzog is an out-of-network LCPC, who uses the following CPT codes: 90791 (for 1.5 hour intake); 90837 (for ongoing 55 minute sessions); 90876 (for biofeedback/psychotherapy, 55 minutes); and 90901 (for ‘pure’ biofeedback, which is rarely reimbursed).