About Becca Beauchemin

Becca Beauchemin received her master's degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She is currently an intern at Reaching Ahead Counseling and Mental Performance and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. Becca provides workshops to high school student-athletes, as well as one-on-one consultations to athletes of any sport level. Check out her bio for more information!

Anxiety and Sport

Exercise can help modulate stress and anxiety but being an athlete does not necessarily prevent mental health concerns. Anxiety Disorders are some of the most common mental health concerns for elite athletes. Specifically, student-athletes have additional stressors such as staying on top of classwork and grades. Luckily in recent years, elite level athletes have been open about seeking treatment. [...]

Anxiety and COVID-19

Within this past year there have been many triggers for fears, worries, and/or intrusive thoughts. Uncertainty about the future, missed opportunities, worries about family members, and social isolation can all lead to feelings of anxiety. During a June 2020 survey the CDC reported that 40.9% of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition, including symptoms [...]

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Anxiety is No Joke

Anxiety disorders (there are several kinds) are some of the most common mental health concerns. Anxiety or feelings of anxiousness are normal in day-to-day life, maybe you feel anxious when having a difficult conversation, making decisions, or taking a test, however, anxiety disorders are much more than worry or fear. Anxiety disorders can disrupt daily work, school, sports, and [...]

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Are Sport Injuries Contagious?

How does one athlete’s injury and fear of re-injury affect teammates? In sports like acrobatic gymnastics, group members rely on each other to perform each skill in their routine, and to perform them safely. Season-ending and other traumatic injuries can potentially affect everyone, both psychologically and in terms of performance. Naturally, observing it can lead to unintentionally rehearsing (mentally) [...]

Winning vs. Chasing Values

In sport, we are taught from a young age to win at all costs and to avoid losing. Over time this can create an all-or-nothing association between winning and happiness vs. losing and disappointment. While winning feels satisfying, these brief moments of satisfaction can also fuel the belief that it’s only the outcome that matters; let’s explore why winning [...]

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