Periodized Mental Training Plan

A periodized mental training plan, customized to align with the training needs of the team, is formulated through discussion with coaches and adapted over time.

The preparatory phase consists of interactive seminars, where each week builds on the previous session.  A fundamental knowledge (and vocabulary) of mental skills is developed.  Following, an individualized mental skills training plan is developed with each player.

Once the season is commencing, the competition phase incorporates individual meetings with each player.  Communication and consultation is done both on an ongoing and on an as needed basis, and materials such as relevant articles and worksheets are often shared.  Consultation with coaches occurs regularly (but heeding the constraints of a busy season), in a manner that respects privacy of individuals but also maximizes communication with coaches regarding observed themes.

Going into major tournaments or championships, the peaking phase centers both on reinforcing anxiety tolerance and reduction skills already learned, while also addressing the realities associated with higher pressure situations.  Support is flexible and provided through whatever means (on site, by phone, or through email).

Post-season, the recovery phase focuses on encouragement of lessons learned, restoring activities, refocusing on other important life activities, and refocusing on the season ahead.

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About the Author:

Tim holds Masters degrees in both counseling/sport psychology and in clinical psychology, and a Doctorate in counseling psychology. He has worked with high performers at several universities (including the US Naval Academy), an elite sports camp (IMG Academies), and with US Army personnel (Center for Enhanced Performance at Fort Lewis). Tim gives workshops for sport psychology practitioners, coaches, and athletes for many organizations including the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, the Performing Arts Medicine Association, USA Gymnastics, and US Sailing.

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