I first published this on 3/12/20, but will continue adding links, particularly regarding mental health and coping in the face of COVID-19…

First off, let me share some useful (and reliable) links about Coronavirus, so that you can learn more about what it is, how it is spread, and how it can be contained.  This article and video from Johns Hopkins is very succinct and easy to understand.  This article from the Washington Post highlights why/how it is important to avoid touching your face (hard to do!), and this YouTube video discusses how to make it happen!  This link from the Food and Drug Administration contains useful ongoing updates, largely centered on their own efforts plus information about unapproved/fraudelent “cures,” etc. that are becoming more common in the marketplace.  This Vox article presents an argument as to why canceled events and self-quarantines work to save lives.  This link provides a detailed but understandable epidemological perspective on why social distancing may be incredibly important right now, given that the nature of this new virus is still not fully understood.

Erring on the side of caution, I think it is time for us to shift to video-conference, unless there is a compelling reason to meet face to face; if you are a current client, let’s talk asap.

While we can keep striving to maintain some normalcy in our day to day routines, we can simultaneously honor feelings such as anxiety or loss.  As sporting events, schools, important meetings, big milestones (such as the “proper” finale of your sports career), and other gatherings are cancelled, we can help each other to process where we stand emotionally and rationally (sometimes reframing what’s happened), in the face of it all.  This may be part of how I can assist you during this time.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Recently, I provided a webinar for U.S. Sailing centered on the Mental Health and Performance Continuum.  WIthin it, I addressed some tips for coping with changes to sport associated with social distancing and the current crisis.

Here are more Links related to COVID-19 related Mental Health and Coping….








We will get through this,