Women’s Lacrosse Mental Training

Women’s Lacrosse Mental Training with Dr. Tim Herzog, CC-AASP

(1st Program reserved for Maryland United 2020 East)

Mental training schedule of half hour meetings plus observation and some teachable moments with Tim. ?Learn about Tim’s background and what others have to say.

Participation will be $75/participant. ?The following is the tentative schedule (adjusted as needed based on life + dialogue with coaches).

1) Thursday, May 25— 6:10
2) Thursday, June 1— 6:10
3) Thursday, June 8— 6:10
4) Wednesday, June 14— 8:15
5) Sunday, June 18— 11:00 Observe?IWLCA Champions Cup
6) Wednesday, June 21—?8:15
7) Wednesday, July 6— 8:15

8) Tuesday, July 11— 7:15

9) Thursday, July 13— 7:15

Training will center on:

Knowing your values:?Learn what drives you (as an individual), and how to capitalize on that.
Goal-setting:?Shift focus to ball-handling, passes, etc. and letting wins be a ?bi-product.”
Dealing with pressure:?Cope better with peers, parents, coaches, and yourself, plus recruiting pressure.
Communication:?Be heard on and off the field, knowing your tone and what’s optimal in YOUR role.
Self-talk habits:?Train your brain to be your friend (or quiet) not your enemy.
Mental imagery:?Watch video and tap into your imagination to master skills and implement plans.

Putting it together: Learn routines to?attend to what’s most important, integrating other mental skills, and executing what’s needed in the moment.


Questions? ?Contact Tim Herzog or Bean Dupack.

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About the Author:

Tim holds Masters degrees in both counseling/sport psychology and in clinical psychology, and a Doctorate in counseling psychology. He has worked with high performers at several universities (including the US Naval Academy), an elite sports camp (IMG Academies), and with US Army personnel (Center for Enhanced Performance at Fort Lewis). Tim gives workshops for sport psychology practitioners, coaches, and athletes for many organizations including the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, the Performing Arts Medicine Association, USA Gymnastics, and US Sailing.

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