Mental Performance for PEAK Summer Programs

In addition to physical training, mental performance training contributes to your competitive edge. In partnership with PEAK, Reaching Ahead is offering a training program to help you hone your mental game and begin to master new skills to more consistently be at your best in the gym, in sports, and even in life. Reaching Ahead is offering the following two packages to enhance your training experience:

  1. Post Workout Mental Performance Debriefs 10 minute sessions for participants in PEAK’s Tuesday/Thursday training groups to take place immediately after workouts.
  2. Weekly Mental Performance Group Training- In-depth 60-minute sessions at a time TBD based on group consensus. This group is open to PEAK program participants and others. Times will be agreed upon via Doodle poll and email. Sessions will start the week of June 24th.
    • Registration option #1: If you are not participating in PEAK’s summer program but you want to take part in the weekly group sessions.
    • Registration option #2: If you are participating in PEAK’s summer program and have not registered for the debriefs but you want to participate in both sessions.
    • Registration option #3: If you have already registered for the post-workout debriefs.

The current program will be structured to meet the unique needs of this summer’s group, and you can follow this link if you want to see an example of a past program in partnership with PEAK!

For more questions or if you want more information reach out to Alex at!

Once you have registered for ANY of the above programs, please fill this form out and bring it with you to your first session!