Mental Performance Coaching for PEAK’s Women’s LAX Program
with Raegan Geldart, Sport Psychology Master’s student (supervised by Dr. Tim Herzog, CMPC).

 Mental performance coaching will be integrated directly into PEAK’s Women’s LAX Program. This Mental Coaching Program is an adaptable way to gain a physical training and Lacrosse-specific mental performance foundation. Group training plus a la carte services (individual training and parent workshop) are outline below!

PEAK Included Services
Please sign and bring the Reaching Ahead Mental Training Consent Form with you to the first Thursday training!

  • All lacrosse athletes participating in PEAK’s program will engage in:
    • 15-20 minute Workshops integrated into Thursday Physical Training Sessions
    • Ongoing training session observations
    • Impromptu teachable moments

À la carte Services
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  • Individual training (Package of FOUR meetings):
    • Intake session: 90 minute intake interview, including mental skills assessment and breathing/biofeedback assessment (Led by Raegan Geldart and Dr. Tim Herzog)
    • Three 45 minute individual mental performance sessions (Led by Raegan Geldart, supervised by Dr. Tim Herzog)
  • Parent Workshop: “What’s the Optimal Level of Push?” (Led by Dr. Tim Herzog, assisted by Raegan Geldart)
    • Wed, June 27th from 7-8pm
    • $20/parent or $25 for both parent

Mental Performance Workshop Descriptions
Each week will include a 15-20 minute long interactive group session, frequently utilizing handouts or other resources to provide reminders and ongoing mental training.

  • Balancing Present Moment Focus with Long Term Goals: There is a big difference between talking about goals and achieving them. During this workshop each athlete will learn how to set a “SMART” goal for the season. Using outcomes as motivators, athlete’s will also learn to shift focus from these “carrots” to processes that matter right now… allowing accomplishments to unfold, by utilizing self-talk, breathing, and other techniques to shift attention to NOW.
  • Team Building: As a group the athletes will build team cohesion during this workshop! This will be a very hands-on exercise with emphasis on communication and reliance on each member to achieve the same goal!
  • Control the “Controllables”: Many aspects of physical training and lacrosse are out of the athletes control. This workshop will cover how to focus on what each individual athlete can control. The group will discuss pressure and how to get to the athlete’s performance sweet spot… amped enough without getting overly amped up, while also managing expectations.
  • Mental Imagery: Athletes will learn some ways to better utilize video, plus some ins and outs of rehearsing techniques, plays, or skills in your mind. Athletes will also learn how to create their own personalized imagery tools and techniques.
  • “I can!”: This workshop we will be discussing what self-confidence and self-efficacy is. Athletes will learn how to build their self-efficacy to improve athletic performance!
  • Every Role is Important: This session will provide another hands-on experience, emphasizing interchanging roles and the importance of being adaptable and taking responsibility of your own role in each situation!

If you have questions or would like more information email Raegan at