lacrosse athlete

Lax Mental Performance

Monday, October 29, 2018
5:00 – 6:00pm

Learn the fundamentals of the Reaching Ahead Mental Performance (RAMP) model, and begin mastery of two important skills!  This interactive workshop for lacrosse players, parents, and coaches will take participants through an overview of what it takes to be successful (mentally) as an athlete, touching on 12 component of the RAMP “Dirty Dozen” skills.  We will also delve more deeply into self-talk habits and paced breathing, using biofeedback to demonstrate physiological principles associated with paced breathing.

This jam-packed  one-hour workshop will be led by Dr. Tim Herzog, EdD, CMPC, BCB, and assisted by both Jon Gillette, MA. and Vadim Jacobson.  A Q&A Session will occur afterwards from 6:00-6:15pm.

Both individual athletes and families (athlete + 1 or 2 parents) should register by contacting their coach directly.