Four Biofeedback Offerings

Biofeedback* can be integrated into mental performance coaching, into psychotherapy, or can be a stand-alone training/intervention that can augment what you are already doing on your own or with another practitioner.  Tim is Board Certified in Biofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA), the gold standard for biofeedback certification.

*Note: when used as a stand-alone technique, insurance reimbursement is often limited for biofeedback but ask Tim for more info about the options.

Tim offers biofeedback in 4 ways (click on the links below to learn more):

1) Assessment/Training for your Optimal Breath (“Resonant Frequency”)

Learn your optimal breath pace (and style of breathing) to feel calm and alert more often!

2) Simple Awareness and Self-Regulation Training

Gain awareness and mental skills that you can see working in front of your eyes!

3) Psychophysiological Profile and Training

Systematically determine a strategy for optimizing your stress management and performance!

4) Neurofeedback following a QEEG

Obtain a “brain map” and train your brain for exactly what it needs!