Welcome Back: Introducing Alex!



Hey everyone! My name is Alex do Couto and I am so excited to be back with the Reaching Ahead team as one of Dr. Herzog’s interns! I am grateful for the opportunity to be back with his practice and to get to continue my hands-on work as I work towards my goals in mental performance consulting.


In May I graduated with my Master’s in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. I am originally from Kentucky, and have taken up residency in Maryland for the time being. I received an undergraduate degree in psychology during which I established my interest in sport psychology. I worked as a research assistant for 3 years in the Motivational Psychology Lab at my undergrad and worked on studies that explored academic and athletic self-regulation techniques. Topics I have researched through these studies span from exercise intensity, self-efficacy, achievement motivation, and goal orientations. My prior experience in school and my sports background have elicited an interest in helping others achieve their ideal performance through enhancing their mental skillset.


In my Master’s program I was exposed to applied mental performance consulting with various high school and Division 1 college level teams (rowing, tennis, cheer, and basketball). I spent the summer of 2019 working for Dr. Herzog’s practice, getting my feet wet with mental performance work (soccer, lacrosse, and adult lifelong athletes) and learning the ins and outs of running a private practice; we kicked off some projects focusing on integrating mental skills training into holistic training facilities, and I look forward to expanding on our past efforts. It is through my graduate program and internship that I am gaining the experience needed to work towards Certification in Mental Performance Consulting through AASP. The population of athletes I have enjoyed working with the most, and those who I hope to continue consulting with, are high school aged competitive athletes. I have plans to complete the coursework to obtain counseling licensure, too, as addressing mental health concerns (as they arise in my mental performance consulting work) is something I want to help athletes with.

I can’t wait to see what new experiences and opportunities I get through Reaching Ahead, and I am thrilled to officially be back on board with Dr. Herzog!


Services provided by Alex:

Individual Athlete Mental Performance Consulting (virtual and in-person options available)


Group/Team Sessions (virtual and in-person options per Covid-19 precautions)


Price of team packages depend on team size and additional options added (i.e. attending practice for observation and on the spot consultation, coach meetings, additional presentations outside of weekly mental skills training for athletes). Price will be discussed in initial free 15-minute consultation.

Complete the form below or follow the link here to contact Alex to inquire about mental skills training and to schedule your free 15-minute consultation!