Winter Training (Physical/Mental/Nutrition) for High School Sailing!!!


All high school sailors in the region are invited to attend!  In Annapolis (near 50) at PEAK, a group of 15-24 high school sailors will participate in a 3-month long training program (24 sessions), meeting every Monday/Wednesday from Nov. 26 to Feb. 27 (except these dates: Dec. 24, 26, 31 and Jan. 2).  The group will meet from 5pm-6:40pm (45 minutes physical training then 45 minutes of mental training or nutrition, with a 10 minute break).

Who’s Leading?

The group will be coached by an All-Star crew, including, plus PEAK Fitness Trainers Ruthie O’Hehir and Brian Graham.  Reaching Ahead Mental Performance Coaches, Dr. Tim Herzog and his interns Jon Gillette, M.A. and Vadim Jacobson.

What does the Program Include?

This program will feature a comprehensive approach to training, including homework for an additional day per week via a coaching app, nutrition education and habit changing tools, plus access an online mental performance assessment and goal-setting tool.

What is the focus of physical training for sailing?

Our sailing specific training model begins with an education component to improve body awareness, and ensure proper posture and joint function.  After this foundation is built and applied, higher level exercise adaptations can take place safely, effectively and efficiently.  Athletes will develop physical skills which can be used for a lifetime as they progress through this 12 week involved program including:

  • Balance and stabilization
  • Core strength and awareness
  • Sailing specific functional resistance training
  • Mobility

What is the focus of nutrition coaching?

Athletes will identify “red flags” in their food choices and learn the value of a whole foods approach to health eating.  Nutrition Coach, Ruthie O’Hehir will provide education in the following areas:

  • Macronutrient balance
  • Good, Better, Best options
  • Meal and snack timing
  • Performance nutrition

Tools will also be provided and applied to the program to change habits and stay accountable.   Learn and apply lessons that lead to a lifetime of healthy eating.

What is the focus of mental training?

Click on the interactive presentation below to learn more about the Reaching Ahead Mental Performance training model! Click straight through to go through a linear sequence, or click on the sailor’s hand to learn about skills associated with controlling actions, his head to learn about skills associated with controlling thoughts, his thigh to learn about skills associated with influencing body feelings, and his face to learn about skills associated with accepting moods.