Everyone has experienced days when things just “click,” and your best performance unfolds. Media calls this the “Zone;” researchers call it “Flow.” You can’t force Flow to happen but you can set the stage to make it more likely by developing mental skills.

If you need to get stronger, you know to go to the gym (and often work with a trainer).  If you need to get faster, you run more (and likely work with a running coach).  If you need to work on your mental game, what do you do (it sure is hard to do this on your own…)?  Riders who work with Dr. Tim Herzog train mental skills conducive to better performance and resilience.  Mental skills that Dr. Tim focuses on in training often include:  Knowing your values, Goal-setting, Understanding motivation, Self-talk habits, Mental imagery, Mindful attention, Energy management, Channeling emotions, Anxiety tolerance, Anxiety reduction, Self-attunement, and Communication.

One unique part of equestrian sports is the unique relationship riders have amazing relationships with horses.  It puts a premium on your own self-regulation, given that your horse can feel (and react to) any dysregulation.  This makes being focused on the present moment even more imporant.  Rather than getting caught up in “what-ifs” or insecurities about appearance, and choking, the mind can be quieted by developing better self-talk habits, learning to calm the body by training the breath (we will demonstrate with biofeedback), and imagery skills (tapping into other resources such as video to optimize mental rehearsal).  This series of workshops for beginners and professionals alike, will address these skills, allow you to practice between sessions, and check in on your progress of integrating skills into life and into riding.

Each workshop will build on the prior weeks and there will be (easy-ish) homework, but folks can easily dive in if they miss prior weeks.

*Individual work can also happen onsite before or after each meeting.  Follow-ups would be at Dr. Tim’s office in Annapolis and/or via video-conference.  Reach out to Tim for more details: