Weekly Mental Performance Group Training- Option 2


  • This package is available to participants in PEAK’s summer training program and who have NOT yet signed up for the post-workout debriefs. These sessions are designed for those who seek mental performance group training sessions.
    • 60-minute sessions led by Dr. Herzog and Alex Oldham
    • Day and time TBD
    • Sessions once a week for 8 weeks that tap into a variety of mental performance needs of the group and covers some elements of the Reaching Ahead Model
    • Sessions start the week of June 24
    • Online forum through social media for further discussion between group participants
  • Once you have registered for the above program, please fill this form out and bring it with you to your first session!


The first meeting will begin with a thorough mental performance assessment, helping individuals to build awareness and assess personal goals. Subsequent sessions will work to systematically train the group on techniques they can start integrating into day-to-day training. Athletes will better understand areas of performance, efficiently distinguishing between what is in their control, what is influenceable, and what must be accepted. Tapping into the Reaching Ahead Model, as well as any of the additional performance needs of the group, athletes will learn skills such as goal-setting, mental imagery, and anxiety reduction.


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