Everyone has experienced days when things just “click,” and your best performance unfolds. Media calls this the “Zone;” researchers call it “Flow.” You can’t force Flow to happen but you can set the stage to make it more likely by developing mental skills.

If you need to get stronger, you know to go to the gym (and often work with a trainer).  If you need to get faster, you run more (and likely work with a running coach).  If you need to work on your mental game, what do you do (it sure is hard to do this on your own…)?  Sailors who work with Dr. Tim Herzog train mental skills conducive to better performance and resilience.  Some of the mental skills that Dr. Tim focuses on in training include:  Knowing your values, Goal-setting, Motivation, Self-talk habits, Mental imagery, Mindful attention, Channeling & accepting emotions, Anxiety tolerance and reduction, and Communication.

At the Annapolis USNT Training, Dr. Tim met with the team and shared an overview of his model, plus dove into an intro to self-talk habits and anxiety tolerance/reduction (with a demonstration of “biofeedback”).  Ideally, mental performance training is customized and ongoing.  To give more of a taste of mental training, Dr. Tim is offering USNT members 50% off on a Mental Performance Intake.  This is usually 90 minutes long but can be shortened (based on attention span).  With the intake, Dr. Tim will do a comprehensive interview with your sailor, conduct part of a mental skills assessment, set up a Goalscape for your sailor, and aim to teach your sailor 1-2 skills that they can begin working on immediately.  Following this meeting, there will be a discussion of what skills to train, and training plans for continued development including (but not limited to) the option of ongoing work with Dr. Tim.

Purchase here, or reach out below with questions!   Either way, Dr. Tim will send paperwork and review specifics with you.