Self-Talk Workshop for Riders (Nov. 23)


Registration for Self-Talk Habits Workshop at Karmic Run Stables

1:00-2:30pm, Saturday, November 23, 2019


With this module, we will dive into a process for becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and behaviors. Learning the “ABCs of self-talk,” you can learn how to influence the chatter in your head to either experience quiet or to habitually experience self-talk that is more conducive to performance with riding.

Workshops will be at Karmic Run Stables, from 1:00-2:30pm over three Saturdays this Fall/Winter (2019-2020):

Participation* is $40/workshop OR $99 to attend all three!

*Individual work can also happen onsite before or after each meeting.  Follow-ups would be at Dr. Tim’s office in Annapolis and/or via video-conference.  Reach out to Tim for more details:


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