Maryland United Individual Training


Four individual mental performance training including:

  • Intake Interview: 90 minute intake interview, including mental skills assessment and breathing/biofeedback assessment (led by Raegan Geldart and Dr. Tim Herzog)
  • Three 45 minute individual performance sessions (led by Raegan Geldart, supervised by Dr. Tim Herzog)

Individual sessions will be scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursday, based on the athlete’s availability, starting June 5th and ending July 19th.


Each athlete has their own unique values and goals, by participating in individual training it allows the athlete to receive personalized coaching in order to perform at their optimal level. It’s paramount to become aware of what the athlete can control, influence, and what they must accept. This individual training will work to develop a combination of the following skills for the athlete: Knowing your Values, Goal-Setting, Understanding Motivation, Self-Talk Habits, Mental Imagery, Mindful Attention, Energy Management, Channeling Emotions, Self-Attunement, and Communication.

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