Mental Performance Coaching Program for 2020 East & West Maryland United Club Lacrosse
with Raegan Geldart, Sport Psychology Master’s student (supervised by Dr. Tim Herzog, CMPC).

This Mental Coaching Program is a flexible and affordable way to gain a lacrosse-specific mental performance foundation.

Mental performance coaching will be available via three services, including;

  1. Group Training: $50 total
    • 30 minute workshops each week before practices at 6:15pm
      • Tuesday: 2020 East
      • Thursday: 2020 West
    • 10 minute formal check-ins after practices
      • Tuesday: 2020 West
      • Thursday: 2020 East
    • Ongoing practice and tournament observations
    • Impromptu teachable moments
  2. Parent Workshop: “What’s the Optimal Level of Push?”: $20/ parent or $25 for both parents
  3. Individual sessions (Package of FOUR meetings): $160 Total

This group is exclusively for 2020 East & West Maryland United Club Lacrosse athletes.

Interested? Sign up here!
On the fence? Check it out at our first workshop, for FREE! Held at 6:10pm before practices, Tuesday June 5th for 2020 East & Thursday June 7th for 2020 West!

If you have questions or would like more information email Raegan at