New to Town: Introducing Alex!

Hey everyone! My name is Alex Oldham and I am so excited to join the Reaching Ahead team as Dr. Herzog’s new intern for the summer! I am grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to his practice and to get to continue my hands-on work this summer as I work towards my goals in mental performance consulting.

I am currently working towards a Master’s in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. I am originally from Kentucky, and plan to take up a Maryland residence once my time in Florida is done next year. I received an undergraduate degree in psychology during which I established my interest in sport psychology. I worked as a research assistant for 3 years in the Motivational Psychology Lab at my undergrad and worked on studies that explored academic and athletic self-regulation techniques. Topics I have researched through these studies span from exercise intensity, self-efficacy, achievement motivation, and goal orientations. My prior experience in school and my sports background have elicited an interest in helping others achieve their ideal performance through enhancing their mental skillset.

In my current Master’s program I have been exposed to applied mental performance consulting with various high school and Division 1 college level teams. It is through this program and internship that I am gaining the experience needed to work towards Certification in Mental Performance Consulting through AASP. My interests lie in one day working with middle and high school aged athletes as they develop their athletic identities, along with members of the military and other tactical athlete populations.